Ingvar Theodor Evjen Olsen



Ingvar Theo Olsen has worked as an Economist in the Global Health Section in Norad since 2006. He has been involved in a number of areas within health economics and health financing, as well as health systems issues more broadly. He has been strongly involved in programmes related to results-based financing (RBF) in the health sector, especially related to maternal and child health. He is the focal person for the multi-donor trust fund on RBF in the World Bank, supported by UK and Norway. He is currently involved in the work on Global Financing Facility for Every Woman Every Child (GFF). He has earlier also been involved in GAVI work on health systems strengthening (HSS) as well as performance-based support to countries. He has been a member of the business Planning Team for GFF, leading the working group on global public goods, and is member of the GFF Technical Working Group. He also serves on the boards of the Alliance of Health Policy and Systems Research, as well as the Centre Development and the Environment (SUM) at University of Oslo. His current work also covers a wide number of areas in health economics/financing, as well as health systems issues more broadly, and global health more generally. Prior to joining Norad he had more than 17 years’ experience in consultancy as well as research in health economics, health care financing and health care systems.